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ESTATETIAL is one of kind a real estate marketplace. Estatetial allows consumers, providers and professionals (realtors, lawyers, photographers, organizations and many more) to come together. With this we are giving them all a chance to rate, review, but most importantly find one another in hopes of working together.

ESTATETIAL wants to be every professional and consumers go to online marketplace for their real estate needs. Consumers can let one another know about the problems they have or are facing with a rental property, a landlord, property management or a professional. Here at ESTATETIAL consumers too will have a voice. Consumers can also easily navigate a professional they need for a specific real estate transaction, whether they need a realtor, a mortgage agent, a lawyer, inspector, photographer and so much more!

This way professionals, organizations and builders looking to find clients and get their names known will be able to do it all under one app, that’s just targeted for the real estate market. The rates and reviews they will receive from past and current clients will allow future consumers to reach out to them. ESTATETIAL also wants to help out professionals new in the field. Getting into a field with many professionals, one can easily get lost in the crowd. For this, here at ESTATETIAL new comers into the field will have a chance to shine and get their names known to be able to compete more fairly with the rest of the professionals in their field.

We want everyone to know that their voice, their profession and their consumption matters and they can do all of this under one platform, which is why ESTATETIAL is not calling itself only a marketplace, but a COMMUNITY marketplace.

ESTATETIAL is here to serve everyone in the real estate industry, and we are happy to do all that we can to better our ways every single day.